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Photo: Site owner Scott Williams in the jungles of Central America,
pay no attention to the navy seals in the background or those rather large crates of C-4 😉



Welcome to my world!

Explore the pages here at your own risk!

Ok, so what is my world? In a nut shell it is about:

  • Manly things
  • Advice on raising boys in the 21st century (I have 5)
  • Politics
  • Military and Military Service
  • Reviews and suggested viewing and reading material
  • Church and things related to Christianity

There are some rules though. I am NOT a professional writer. So if you are very particular about your grammar then please choose from a list of actions below:

1. Read no further then this line if you are easily piqued, trust me you will be.

2. Read with a fine sense of mercy, or gloat in your superiority, I am fine either way, just do so in the privacy of your own home.

3. Offer constructive criticism as I am very open to self improvement, not whimsical taunting,….. REMEMBER this is MY World!

Now here are my thoughts


The biggest problem we face in America today is the emasculation of our boys. It has lead to all sorts of societal ills. We must step forward to fix what we can but if we don’t raise up boys to become men as Christ intended we will fall into the same mire all over again.

The issue is how do we this in our environment?

First let me state from a VERY top level the problems.

We have multiple generations now that have had no training form their parents on how to raise real boys. Parents left to forge for themselves a path to accomplish this goal find it elusive as pop culture and the intelligentsia are in fact working at odds to this goal. Our children are taught non aggression and zero tolerance everywhere. There is nothing quite cathartic to a 9 year old as getting into a playground fist-de-cuff defending the honor of a defenseless classmate. Shocked are you? Let me tell you, as a former 9 year old boy this is exactly what we lack in training our youth today. Trust me, two 9 year olds throwing punches are not going to hurt themselves beyond a black eye and a bloody nose. It is here where we beat down the potential life long bully. It is here where men get their training to stand up to evil. By not allowing this kind of altercation to play out, we introduce frustration into the boys. If you wan to know why Columbines happen it is because those two didn’t get their teeth knocked around when they were young.

Since we do live in this kind of world today, how do we raise boys to be men?

By giving them heroes.

I am not talking the drugged up sports idiots. I mean real heroes from the pages of books, or motion pictures, or history.

Real Heroes from the pages of fiction and non fiction books, and real heroes from fiction on the moving screen. I refer to these as real heroes in the sense the actors or the writers of fiction have done a good job of presenting bravery and chivalry.

Teaching the lessons from these sources and displaying a manhood yourself can combat the deluge of effeminate propaganda that drown our boys today.

Why is this important?

It is the forgotten sin, not only in society, but most disturbingly in our churches

I have not been able to come up with a better apt description of older boys and young men that aren’t manly then what God uses, “Effeminate”.

Those who do not have the clear attributes of either a man or a woman.

As for God, well he is pretty blunt about what is acceptable 1 Corinthians 6:9-11.

Yes I know we are supposed to deliver the message in love, I do, I just prefer tough love over squishy love.




5 thoughts on “Welcome to Chivalry 2.0 !

  1. I am requesting permission to use your picture (A-37B Dragonfly JET20. You will get full credit on a separate page following the thank you and dedication page.

    A B/Gen that was a FAC and flew the OA-37 B assisted me with the technical assets.

    I was a 17XX USAF Air Weapons Controller TDY several times to Howard, Honduras, and Colombia from 1982 to 1985.
    The author is a retired Air Force officer who spent most of his career in the Ground Tactical Air Control System (GTACS). He was deployed numerous times in the early to middle 1980s and again in the early 1990s to Central and South America. Most of the deployments were in excess of 90 days. The missions consisted of host nation support of Tactical Air Operations training, counter guerilla operations, and counter narcotics operations. He served as the Deputy Commander of Operations and later as Commander of JTF-B Detachment 1.

    Simulated ‘Strike’ on Warragamba Dam) on the cover of my book. The title of the book is “the Fighter Pilot and His Lady.
    . The book is a combination of a love story and the historical military involvement in Central and South America during the early to late 1980s. The story was taken from the U.S. military involvement in the El Salvadorian Civil War and other counter guerilla and counter narcotics missions that were occurring in Central and South America during the 1980s.
    The main characters in the book are a bachelor seasoned fighter pilot, Major Stevens and an executive secretary, Amanda Ceallaigh, a divorced single auburn haired beauty of Irish descent. Neither is interested in marriage but in one instant an airport tram jerks throwing them together; their lips touch in an accidental kiss that changes their lives forever. They end up on a whirlwind romance that is intertwined with covert dangerous missions, international incidences, visiting embassies in South and Central America, and aircraft emergencies.
    The book pokes fun at fighter pilots, but in actuality it tries to dispel the Hollywood image. In reality fighter pilots are highly trained professionals who are dedicated to their mission; they are loving, faithful husbands and family men who believe in their God and country.

    • Greetings Dr. Kautz,

      Sorry for my late reply but shortly after you posted this I was in the hospital for surgery. I am nearly recovered now so I am now getting to a few very late responses.

      Please use the photo. In this instance it is not mine, I found it in several location on the internet with nobody knowing where it came from. ( I got the same story from people I contacted asking the same question) For now I would say it appears to be part of the public domain.

      Your story sounds very interesting, one I would like to read when you have it finished. Please keep me posted as to your progress on it!

      Feel free to contact me with any questions and comments you might have..


      Scott Williams

  2. Thank you Scott for the story you told. Don Benton was my Brother-inlaw and he meant very much to me. His (unborn at the time) daughter Allison Benton posted your story on Facebook and it came to me through my daughter.
    I have thought of him often and still do. At the time of his death I was 29 he was 35. it was a terrible experience for my sister Kris who was about 6-7 months along in her pregnancy with Allison. He also had a baby girl at home Jennifer about 3 yrs old.
    Your story helps me believe that there are good people out there like yourself and your crew who serve our country and put their lives on the line for others.
    Donny was an inspiration to me.
    Thanks Again
    Doug Buttendorf

    • Greetings Doug,

      I am sorry for your loss, I have received a couple of emails and had some comments on this website about Don and he seemed like a person I would have liked very much. In some way I hope this helps to hear the end of the story and to know that there were people doing everything possible to save them. If there was more that could have been done we would have done it.

      Thank you for your kind words too, much like those who serve today, we were simply doing the best we could…

      If you have more stories or photos about Don please feel free to post them here. I would like future readers to see the impact these men had on the lives of those around them. So few people in the US know of or had family members in the service anymore that they don’t fully comprehend the sacrifices that are made.


      Scott Williams

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