Roots of Common Core more “common” than you think.

common core  Roots of Common Core more “common” than you think. common core 300x168

By Scott P. Williams


During a meeting about Common core presented at the Smoky Mountain Tea Party’s monthly educational gathering, I had a chance to hear Dr. Mike (name changed to protect the innocent) articulate the dangers of the program.

I agreed with all that he said with one exception. He commented that all of the standards that are being put in place are untested and the question he asked  was “why are we allowing this untried program with no empirical data on whether it works or not into our classrooms”.

Oh if he was only right ……

The truth is that we do have evidence of just how the common core standards will play out, but the statists do not want you to remember what it is ( I say statist instead of government because government is only a tool for the ruling elite).

Let me digress for a moment and start from the near beginning. I say near because in reality you would have to go all the way back to John Dewy the father of modern education to get a complete picture. It was he by the way who helped author and was a signer to the Humanist Manifesto, a reworking of the communist manifesto for American consumption.

Common core was not written overnight nor was it written in a couple of months. Much like its older brother “Healthcare” and older sister “Financial Reform” it started a long time ago. Let me explain:



The push for a single payer system actually started back under FDR, the Statists you see passed a law saying your employer can deduct the cost of your healthcare, but if you bought it on your own you could not. In effect rather than offer to pay you more money, as your employer it had greater benefit to you the employee if they just paid for your insurance. This was the start of a single payer pot boiling frog, this was a long range set up. Ever since then, the plan was created, messaged, updated, and morphed,  just waiting to be sprung on an unsuspecting public when the time was right. They were premature with Hillary care and it was defeated. Barack Obama came along and forced it through some 15 years later and wha-la,  the plan written and rewritten for 70 years came to life.

Financial Reform

The financial reform bill got its start when FDR instituted the Securities and Exchange Commission. With the backdrop of a depression that should have lasted all of 12 to 18 months FDR swooped into office and created financial misery for millions extending this travesty for almost 2 decades.

Several studies have been done showing that investors lost more after the SEC was created then before.They also showed that on average, investor returns, where 3 to 5% lower than before the creation of the SEC.

By the way who was the 1st Chairmen of the SEC? Why it was good ole Honest Joe… Josephus P. Kennedy Sr. The same guy who used insider trading to drive up the value of stock only to dump it and get out leaving everyone else holding the bag. The Same Joe Kennedy who despite naysayers trying to repair his reputation had quite the bootleg operations going on in prohibition times. Oh he had a “legal” medicinal Licence for import of alcohol and it made for good cover too. My Grandfather used to buy Joe’s Bathtub Gin every other Saturday when he could afford it.

Now the Frank-Dodd Bill signed into law as the “Financial Reform Act” is far more nefarious than anything Obama care could have cooked up. When fully implemented it will track every debit card purchase by every consumer in the country. It will keep tabs on exactly what you have in the bank at all times and in the end it will control even the price of toothpaste at Walmart.

And now Common Core

So too did common core get its modern start under the promotion to cabinet level of the Department of Education under Jimmy Carter. (The department of Education was created under Johnson several years earlier.)

As it was known back then, the Student Portfolio tracking program, was an attempt to classify and pigeon hole a student early in their “academic carrier” as it was termed. Parents didn’t like the idea of little Johnny being directed at such an early age to an assigned government identified job which is exactly where the “plan” was going . It actually sounded a bit oh I don’t know… COMMUNIST perhaps….so the program went underground until a more favorable environment emerged.

In the 1990’s it resurfaced with a bright shiny new paint job and a new name called Outcomes Based Education (OBE). Who could be against great outcomes for our students? Except the outcomes were no longer based on inculcation of knowledge but rather on behavior modification Ah-le B.F. Skinner. OBE sought to force acceptance of the predatory homosexual practice of shacking up with someone of the same gender and calling it normal. Or the collective philosophy of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” (Karl Marx) or the sexual desensitization of having 11th graders come into school and teach 5th graders how to put a condom on a banana. Thanks to the efforts of people like Thomas Sowell (you can still find his archived work on OBE) exposing the Outcomes the program was really generated to get, parents once again rose up and said NO.

But that was not the last of this beast, the outcry was so loud against OBE it too went underground and reemerged as Goals 2000. Like OBE it contained a component of dumbing down history so as to limit questions of liberty and capitalism and it over emphasized emoting, making everything about feeling and fairness, not in an American vision of fair play mind you, but a Marxist vision of taking from you by force, and giving to someone else.  It too was shouted down by some very vocal angry parents and grandparents.

It did not stay dead long before once again it reared its ugly head as “No Child Left Behind” the brain trust legislation of Ted Kennedy enshrined into law by the very Marvin Milquetoast President Bush. It too was a total disaster, even the teachers hated this one.

Each time this was forced underground, the grand bill was re written to make it sound more palatable, and renamed to make it more acceptable. Each time the statist have been able to move the ball down the field just a little more until now. Under the brazenness of this statist dreamed about administration, who appears hell-bent on destroying the last ounce of Liberty we maintain, education reform once again rears its ugly head to do the bidding of its masters


and this time its name is “Common Core”.

One thought on “Roots of Common Core more “common” than you think.

  1. Wow oh Wow…I am old enough to remember and know…the pure validity of this well written truth.

    I am so glad to see someone able to pull it all together in simple terms so easily grasped.

    Thank you Scott P. Williams~

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