Theirs is the Glory

Theirs is the Glory  Theirs is the Glory  Theirs is the Glory 210x300Before a Bridge Two Far this docudrama was made using using not British actors but the actual men who served and fought during this campaign. It was, depending on who you talk with, an ambitious campaign or another of Monty’s Follies. Through my study on world war 2 and leadership I have come to the conclusion that General Montgomery may have been England’s top field marshal (general in the US Army) but by all accounts he was also an arrogant buffoon. The desire by Montgomery for glory combined with his arrogant attitude caused many needles deaths. This is the story of operation Market Garden, an example of Monty’s over reaching tactics and putting lives needlessly at risk. This story is told by those who participated in the campaign, not pretend actors. You will see the suffering these brave men endured, who knowingly jumped and glided into this situation fully realizing the “long shot” odds of success. This is a great movie to discuss the ramifications of your actions and how they can harm others. To be fair you will see a review of Patton, who many saw as arrogant, in a positive light. You will have to see my review to understand why.. BE WARNED this movie coding is in PAL and should run fine on a computer blue ray drive, but not on your home entertainment system..

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