Women and Abortion, what the “Pro-Choice” crowd does not want you to know.

Women and Abortion, what the “Pro-Choice” crowd does not want you to know. Baby in the womb

The lie from the “left” says that if you are a woman who has had an abortion you are hated by the “right”. Because we are against abortion, we must be against you.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Consider these following positions between the “right” and the “left” some of which may be hard for you to read, but please don’t stop simply because it becomes uncomfortable, there is much at stake:

It is us on the “right” who understands that aborting is taking the life of a child, this is the hardest point for some women to come to grips with, truth can sting but that doesn’t make it any less true.

It is us on the “right” that can help women understand the truth that it is a human child they carry, here are more truths you need to know. By day 21 the baby’s heart starts beating, by day 35 fingers can be discerned on the hand. By day 42 the baby’s liver is even making its own blood cells. Somewhere between 8 and 12 weeks a baby in the womb can feel pain.

It is us on the “right” who understands that the woman who has had an abortion knows this to be true no matter how she may try and hide it. You know deep down and now you have that guilt in the back of your mind. That is part of why you try to so vocally deny it. But you can’t and it has consequences you were never told about.

It is us on the “right” who understands that women who have had an abortion are 5 times more suicidal than women who have never had one. It is a horrible burden that ways on your soul. That doesn’t mean you can never be forgiven by God even if you think you cannot or will not forgive yourself.

It is us on the “right” who understands that women who have had an abortion are 44% more likely to get breast cancer.

It is us on the “right” that offers woman choices other than taking the life of the child.

It is us on the “right” that helps women on the path to recovery by finding the living water of forgiveness.

It is us on the “right” that is actually showing compassion for women.

Now compare this to the “left’s” positions.

The “left” does not want women to know any of this.

The “left” wants you kept in the dark and resist all legal attempts a giving you all the information you are entitled to before ending the life of your child.

The “left” are the ones manipulating your feelings to fuel their war on all that is good.

The “left” are the ones filled with hate and rage.

The “left” wants you giving them the power that enables them to ply their death cult charade on other unsuspecting women.

It is the “left” that wants you to lie to your parents, boyfriend, husband.

It is the “left” who are always in a hurry to push you to make their “choice” there can never be a moment to think with them.

It is the “left” who will quickly transport you somewhere to get an abortion filling you with lies along the way about how it is only a blob of tissue. Even the term they use is designed to dehumanize the baby you carry: “Fetus”, a Latin word, which by the way translates to “baby”.

It is the ‘left” that covers up the dead and mutilated young women who leave their clinics when abortions are botched.

If you should change your mind the “left” will turn against you.

Abortions fuel their coffers.

They sell body parts for profit.

It isn’t just money though.

 Abortion is also about eugenics for the “left” as they curb the population of undesirables.

They put abortion clinics in black communities because they are racists.

They have co-opted many in the medical field to talk parents into aborting “non-perfect” babies.

It is the “left” that is proud that no Down Syndrome babies are ever born alive in Iceland.

It is the left that will tell you that there are medical conditions that threaten the life of the mother and therefore abortion must remain “legal”. When pushed the medical reason they give is ectopic pregnancies. What they fail to tell you is that there has been a medical procedure available since 1917 that makes this a false argument.

Knowing this can now you see the truth?

The truth is it is us on the “right” that has both the woman and the baby’s best interest at heart and that the “left” exists for its own nefarious plans, and that you are simply their pawn.

Scott Williams


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