The Tax Game. Tired of Playing it yet?

Walnut Shells hiding a dollar the tax game. tired of playing it yet? The Tax Game. Tired of Playing it yet? shell game 300x136

Taxes, Taxes, Who’s paying for the Taxes!

Statists would like you to believe that you can get even with evil corporations by increasing their taxes, But who actually pays them?
Here is an undeniable truth you need to understand, no matter how much you tax corporations YOU are the one paying the bill and it is a shell game the statist hope you never figure out.

So let’s look at the three ways you are paying them.

1. Increased prices, yup those evil corporations and small business jack up the price to cover the cost of taxes. Voting to increase taxes on companies is a vote to increase YOUR taxes.

2. Shareholders won’t make much on a return. What do you care, those fat-cat stock holders shouldn’t be making money off of us poor citizens. Oh Wait, Yeah sorry your retirement account is made up of mutual funds that buy stocks in those evil companies and if the stock holders don’t make much money…. Well so much for your retirement.

3. Employees are the number one cost to any business and if the money has to go to the tax man employers can’t keep paying people they don’t have the money for, people get fired.
So which shell do you want to pay their “fair” share of the taxes from, … because you ARE paying it.

How about none of the above!

Stop playing the statists game who’s goal is to keep you poor by making you pay taxes you didn’t even know existed. Demand that government stop stealing your money and start cutting their spending, it is time they learned to live on less, not us.

When statists rule Liberty and Self-governance are the first victims.

The Tax Game. Tired of Playing it yet?

Here is how you fix it

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