Barack Obama: our Neville Chamberlain? Neville Chamberlain

Barack Obama: our Neville Chamberlain?

Barack Obama: our Neville Chamberlain?

Arthur Neville Chamberlain was a member of the British conservative party but that is a bit of a misnomer.

It merged with the Unionist Party in 1912 and although it claims right of center politically it really all depends on who is at the controls.

Education wise Neville graduated with a degree in science and metallurgy and was apprenticed out to an accounting firm, he had been a solid B+ performer .

Barack Obama we are pretty sure graduated, we think surely he did, didn’t he? I mean doesn’t he have a degree in poly-sci and law? That’s what we have been told. We only really have his word for it, as he has never released his college transcripts.

Later Neville did work in small business although his initial foray failed, or rather his father’s foray. It is unclear whether he and his brother were partners or just employees. The business was growing sisal hemp in the Bahamas. It turned out to be an unsuitable environment and the business was shut down at a heavy loss in 1896.

Barack Obama, smoked hemp.

Neville had better luck back in England. He served as chairman of several manufacturing firms in Birmingham, including Elliots, a metal goods manufacturer, and Hoskins, a cabin berth manufacturer. He had a reputation for being a hands-on manager, he took a strong interest in the day-to-day running of affairs.

Barack Obama played golf.

In 1915 Neville had become Lord Mayor of Birmingham and in his first two months won approval to increase the electrical supply to his city.

Barack Obama, rejects the Keystone XL pipe Line.

Neville even organized the use of coal as part of the war effort.

Barack Obama has a war effort on the use of coal.

Neville had prevented a strike by council workers.

Barack Obama never meet a strike he didn’t like.

Neville appeased a tyrant in the hopes of preventing a war.

Barack Obama appeased terrorists in the middle of one.

Neville Chamberlain was an accomplished individual throughout his life, with many positive  accomplishments to the community in business and government with one exception.

Barack Obama has accomplished nothing not even having the one exception. Oh he may have been elected president but don’t confuse winning an Idol contest with actually doing something.

I conclude that anyone comparing Barack Obama to Neville Chamberlain, owes the estate of Lord Arthur Neville Chamberlain

an apology.

Scott Williams

Col. Allen West: Our Winston Churchill….. Barack Obama: our Neville Chamberlain?  Muslims in kenya col west

Col. Allen West: Our Winston Churchill….. Barack Obama: our Neville Chamberlain?

An article from Allen West, I usually will link to a particular news story but this time I felt compelled to copy it in its entirety. So many times we see and pass by an important story that we should have read, well I just didn’t want that to be the case on this one. Col. West speaks truth boldly. Have we lost the ability to hear it? In this day and age of American Idol Elections one has to wonder. Thank you Col. West for being bold. Like Winston Churchill, West is a lone unrelenting voice against this insanity. We all seem to have forgotten that the US Constitution is not a suicide pact. But if Allen West is our Winston Churchill is Barack Obama our Chamberlain? See my next post for the answer….

For now I give you Col. West:

Col. Allen West:

A week ago Barack Hussein Obama stated that the “world is less violent” during a Tumblr interview session – as his acolytes lapped it up. Is he really that clueless?

Islamic terrorist group al-Shabab proves it so. According to Yahoo News, Dozens of extremists (i.e. Islamic terrorists) attacked a Kenyan coastal town for hours, killing those who couldn’t answer questions about Islam and those who didn’t know the Somali language, officials and witnesses said Monday.

At least 48 people were killed and two hotels were set on fire. The assault in Mpeketoni began Sunday night as residents watched World Cup matches on TV and lasted until early Monday, with little resistance put up by Kenya’s security forces. Cars and buildings still smoldered at daybreak.

Just as a reminder, this violence is brought to you by the same jihadists who attacked Nairobi’s Westgate Mall last year — 67 people were killed last September when four al-Shabab gunmen attacked the upscale mall in the Kenyan capital.

And just like those barbaric savages then, the Mpeketoni attackers gave life-or-death religious tests, a witness said, killing those who were not Muslim.

“They came to our house at around 8 p.m. and asked us in Swahili whether we were Muslims. My husband told them we were Christians and they shot him in the head and chest,” said Anne Gathigi. Another resident, John Waweru, said his two brothers were killed because the attackers did not like that the brothers did not speak Somali.

At the Breeze View Hotel, the gunmen pulled the men aside and ordered the women to watch as they killed them, saying it was what Kenyan troops are doing to Somali men inside Somalia, a police commander said.

The Interior Ministry said that at about 8 p.m. Sunday, two minivans entered the town. Militants disembarked and began shooting. Kenya’s National Disaster Operations Center said military surveillance planes were launched shortly afterward.

It’s come to a certain point where I don’t blame these animals anymore. I blame us. They sense weakness and only respect strength, power, and might.

You know what I’m sick of? I am sick of the apologists, weaklings, and coexist bumper sticker crowd who sit back and allow this to happen.

I am sick of people telling us to not offend Muslims and that these are just the actions of those who are perverting Islam. I’m sick of Barack Hussein Obama supporting Islamists. I’m sick of us allowing this theocratic-political totalitarian ideology to infiltrate Western Civilization and turn our laws against us as they masquerade as a religion. I’m sick of tolerance becoming a one-way street leading to our cultural suicide.

I’m sick of being labeled as an “Islamophobe” for speaking the truth. I am sick of hearing we are not at war with Islam, yet their actions tell me that it has been and continues to be at war with us — Dar al Islam and Dar al Harb.

I am sick of an American pastor, Saeed Abedini being held in Iran for being a Christian. I am sick of a Sudanese Christian woman, Meriam Ibrahim, who is married to a naturalized American citizen and mother of two American children being held in a Sudanese prison because of her faith — sentenced to 100 lashes and death. I’m sick of hashtag diplomacy and empty rhetoric as a response to Islamic terrorists kidnapping Christian Nigerian girls and burning boys to death.

I’m sick of reading about Christians, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Copts, being slaughtered by the so called “religion of peace” — what utter bovine excrement.

I’m sick of the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliated groups operating freely in America and U.S. political officials allowing if not encouraging it. I’m sick of CAIR being able to wield political influence in our country and censor women like Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Brigitte Gabriel who have suffered under the intolerant hands of Islamism — and hearing nothing from liberal progressives who tout a “War on Women.”

I’m sick of people worrying about jihadists taken off the battlefield and held at a freakin’ five-star facility like GITMO with top notch medical treatment and cable TV while Americans captured by the enemy are brutally tortured, and ritually beheaded. I’m sick of cowards who release the enemy’s leadership and try to convince the American people they are not a threat.

I’m sick of these bastards believing they can taunt and threaten our nation while we sit back and fools like John Kerry talk about climate change being a global threat — and want to ask Iran for assistance in Iraq. Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism and has the blood of American troops on its hands.

Yep, I’ve had it and will be relentless in defeating Islamic totalitarianism. Sir Winston Churchill tried to warn England of the threat of Naziism — of course the country initially sided with Chamberlain. And so history is repeating itself. Warning to liberal progressive socialists: stand clear lest you find yourself declared an ally with these barbarians. I am looking for brave Americans to enjoin this battle. This is not about killing them all, just killing the ones who need killing — since that is all they understand.

“Cheese Grommet”, “Cheese” and Those dastardly Cheese Artisans   cronyism is phony capitalism

“Cheese Grommet”, “Cheese” and Those dastardly Cheese Artisans

Blogs come, and blogs go, so I make a habit of copying from a site and then sharing the link. In this day and age of new media stories can be pulled down and scrubbed as if they never existed.


So not wanting the story of an over reaching federal government to disappear I captured this latest intrusion to artisan cheese makers by Crony-Capitalist.


We had a word for this in 1776 it was called Mercantilism. We fought a revolution over it and the right to good governance. Thankfully our founders gave us the means to stop this kind of nonsense. It is contained in article V of the US Constitution. It is a simple solution that allows for the peaceful redress of massive federal over-reach and cronyism.


Here are the facts: we can amend the Constitution in one of two ways, either congress can offer up an amendment or the states can. Once offered up, 3/4ths of the states must ratify any proposed amendment, period.


We the states can call for a Convention of states, as termed by the 1st such call from Virginia, you can see my column for that under history and politics HERE.


The call under the Convention of states project ( is for the purpose to propose amendments that limit the power,scope, and jurisdiction of the federal government and to limit the terms of office for its officials.


What does that mean?


Read Mark Levin’s book the liberty amendments and see a world of possibilities!


Get it in hard cover so you can underline and dog ear it to your hearts content.


Just click Here to buy it.


And now for the article:

Game Changer: FDA Rules No Wooden Boards in Cheese Aging

“Cheese Grommet”, “Cheese” and Those dastardly Cheese Artisans   IMG 4927

A sense of disbelief and distress is quickly rippling through the U.S. artisan cheese community, as the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week announced it will not permit American cheesemakers to age cheese on wooden boards.

Recently, the FDA inspected several New York state cheesemakers and cited them for using wooden surfaces to age their cheeses. The New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets’ Division of Milk Control and Dairy Services, which (like most every state in the U.S., including Wisconsin), has allowed this practice, reached out to FDA for clarification on the issue. A response was provided by Monica Metz, Branch Chief of FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition’s (CFSAN) Dairy and Egg Branch.

In the response, Metz stated that the use of wood for cheese ripening or aging is considered an unsanitary practice by FDA, and a violation of FDA’s current Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations. Here’s an excerpt:

“Microbial pathogens can be controlled if food facilities engage in good manufacturing practice. Proper cleaning and sanitation of equipment and facilities are absolutely necessary to ensure that pathogens do not find niches to reside and proliferate. Adequate cleaning and sanitation procedures are particularly important in facilities where persistent strains of pathogenic microorganisms like Listeria monocytogenes could be found. The use of wooden shelves, rough or otherwise, for cheese ripening does not conform to cGMP requirements, which require that “all plant equipment and utensils shall be so designed and of such material and workmanship as to be adequately cleanable, and shall be properly maintained.” 21 CFR 110.40(a). Wooden shelves or boards cannot be adequately cleaned and sanitized. The porous structure of wood enables it to absorb and retain bacteria, therefore bacteria generally colonize not only the surface but also the inside layers of wood. The shelves or boards used for aging make direct contact with finished products; hence they could be a potential source of pathogenic microorganisms in the finished products.”

The most interesting part of the FDA’s statement it that it does not consider this to be a new policy, but rather an enforcement of an existing policy. And worse yet, FDA has reiterated that it does not intend to change this policy.

In an email to industry professionals, Rob Ralyea, Senior Extension Associate in the Department of Food Science and the Pilot Plant Manager at Cornell University in New York, says: “According to the FDA this is merely proper enforcement of the policy that was already in place. While the FDA has had jurisdiction in all food plants, it deferred cheese inspections almost exclusively to the states. This has all obviously changed under FSMA.”

Ah, FSMA. For those of you not in the know, the Food Safety Modernization Act is the most sweeping reform of American food safety laws in generations. It was signed into law by President Obama on January 4, 2011 and aims to ensure the U.S. food supply is safe by shifting the focus from responding to contamination to preventing it.

While most cheesemakers have, perhaps, begrudgingly accepted most of what has been coming down the FSMA pike, including the requirement of HACCP plans and increased federal regulations and inspections, no one expected this giant regulation behemoth to virtually put a stop to innovation in the American artisanal cheese movement.

Many of the most awarded and well-respected American artisan cheeses are currently aged on wooden boards. American Cheese Society triple Best in Show winner Pleasant Ridge Reserve from Uplands Cheese in Wisconsin is cured on wooden boards. Likewise for award-winners Cabot Clothbound in Vermont, current U.S. Champion cheese Marieke Feonegreek, and 2013 Best in Show Runner-Up Bleu Mont Bandaged Cheddar.

Wisconsin cheesemaker Chris Roelli says the FDA’s “clarified” stance on using wooden boards is a “potentially devastating development” for American cheesemakers. He and his family have spent the past eight years re-building Roelli Cheese into a next-generation American artisanal cheese factory. Just last year, he built what most would consider to be a state-of-the-art aging facility into the hillside behind his cheese plant. And Roelli, like hundreds of American artisanal cheesemaekrs, has developed his cheese recipes specifically to be aged on wooden boards.

“The very pillar that we built our niche business on is the ability to age our cheese on wood planks, an art that has been practiced in Europe for thousands of years,” Roelli says. Not allowing American cheesemakers to use this practice puts them “at a global disadvantage because the flavor produced by aging on wood can not be duplicated. This is a major game changer for the dairy industry in Wisconsin, and many other states.”

As if this weren’t all bad enough, the FDA has also “clarified” – I’m really beginning to dislike that word – that in accordance with FSMA, a cheesemaker importing cheese to the United States is subject to the same rules and inspection procedures as American cheesemakers.

Therefore, Cornell University’s Ralyea says, “It stands to reason that if an importer is using wood boards, the FDA would keep these cheeses from reaching our borders until the cheese maker is in compliance. The European Union authorizes and allows the use of wood boards. Further, the great majority of cheeses imported to this country are in fact aged on wooden boards and some are required to be aged on wood by their standard of identity (Comte, Beaufort and Reblochon, to name a few). Therefore, it will be interesting to see how these specific cheeses will be dealt with when it comes to importation into the United States.”

Ralyea continues: “While most everyone agrees that Listeria is a major concern to the dairy industry, it appears that some food safety agencies interpret the science to show that wood boards can be maintained in a sanitary fashion to allow for their use for cheese aging, while others (e.g., the US FDA) believe that a general ban of any wooden materials in food processing facilities is the better approach to assure food safety. At this point, it seems highly unlikely that any new research data or interpretations will change the FDA policies in place.”

In fact, many research papers do in fact conclude that wooden boards are safe. In 2013, the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research published a paper on the subject, concluding: “Considering the beneficial effects of wood boards on cheese ripening and rind formation, the use of wood boards does not seem to present any danger of contamination by pathogenic bacteria as long as a thorough cleaning procedure is followed.” You can read the whole report on pages 8-9 by clicking on this link.

Interesting side note: Health Canada does not currently have any regulations prohibiting aging and ripening cheese on wood, so apparently if we want to eat most American or European artisan cheeses, we’ll need to drive across the border to do so.

So what’s next? The American Cheese Society has mobilized its Regulatory & Academic Committee to learn more about this issue, and to ensure its members’ interests are represented. The ACS promises to keep us apprised of developments. In the meantime, if you are a cheesemaker, and your operation is inspected and cited for the use of wooden surfaces, please contact the ACS office (720-328-2788 or

The Liberty Amendments a must read.  Liberty amendmants

The Liberty Amendments a must read.

Political books can add to the body of reason as a means of educating oneself in the art of politics. This is a necessary skill in raising young men.

In the battlefields of tomorrow, Law, Elections, and Truth become the bullets to defend Liberty and Freedom.

If we ever forget this then they will be replaced by lead and steel, an unconscionable act as long as we have a legal peaceful means to secure liberty and freedom for our posterity.

Mark’s book is great for the 11th and 12th grader and should be on their reading list. (yours too by the way)

Some books are fine in soft cover but this is one I recommend you add to your library in Hard Cover.

Help support my work, Click on my link in this post to buy your copy today!

Roots of Common Core more “common” than you think. common core

Roots of Common Core more “common” than you think.

common core  Roots of Common Core more “common” than you think. common core 300x168

By Scott P. Williams


During a meeting about Common core presented at the Smoky Mountain Tea Party’s monthly educational gathering, I had a chance to hear Dr. Mike (name changed to protect the innocent) articulate the dangers of the program.

I agreed with all that he said with one exception. He commented that all of the standards that are being put in place are untested and the question he asked  was “why are we allowing this untried program with no empirical data on whether it works or not into our classrooms”.

Oh if he was only right ……

The truth is that we do have evidence of just how the common core standards will play out, but the statists do not want you to remember what it is ( I say statist instead of government because government is only a tool for the ruling elite).

Let me digress for a moment and start from the near beginning. I say near because in reality you would have to go all the way back to John Dewy the father of modern education to get a complete picture. It was he by the way who helped author and was a signer to the Humanist Manifesto, a reworking of the communist manifesto for American consumption.

Common core was not written overnight nor was it written in a couple of months. Much like its older brother “Healthcare” and older sister “Financial Reform” it started a long time ago. Let me explain:



The push for a single payer system actually started back under FDR, the Statists you see passed a law saying your employer can deduct the cost of your healthcare, but if you bought it on your own you could not. In effect rather than offer to pay you more money, as your employer it had greater benefit to you the employee if they just paid for your insurance. This was the start of a single payer pot boiling frog, this was a long range set up. Ever since then, the plan was created, messaged, updated, and morphed,  just waiting to be sprung on an unsuspecting public when the time was right. They were premature with Hillary care and it was defeated. Barack Obama came along and forced it through some 15 years later and wha-la,  the plan written and rewritten for 70 years came to life.

Financial Reform

The financial reform bill got its start when FDR instituted the Securities and Exchange Commission. With the backdrop of a depression that should have lasted all of 12 to 18 months FDR swooped into office and created financial misery for millions extending this travesty for almost 2 decades.

Several studies have been done showing that investors lost more after the SEC was created then before.They also showed that on average, investor returns, where 3 to 5% lower than before the creation of the SEC.

By the way who was the 1st Chairmen of the SEC? Why it was good ole Honest Joe… Josephus P. Kennedy Sr. The same guy who used insider trading to drive up the value of stock only to dump it and get out leaving everyone else holding the bag. The Same Joe Kennedy who despite naysayers trying to repair his reputation had quite the bootleg operations going on in prohibition times. Oh he had a “legal” medicinal Licence for import of alcohol and it made for good cover too. My Grandfather used to buy Joe’s Bathtub Gin every other Saturday when he could afford it.

Now the Frank-Dodd Bill signed into law as the “Financial Reform Act” is far more nefarious than anything Obama care could have cooked up. When fully implemented it will track every debit card purchase by every consumer in the country. It will keep tabs on exactly what you have in the bank at all times and in the end it will control even the price of toothpaste at Walmart.

And now Common Core

So too did common core get its modern start under the promotion to cabinet level of the Department of Education under Jimmy Carter. (The department of Education was created under Johnson several years earlier.)

As it was known back then, the Student Portfolio tracking program, was an attempt to classify and pigeon hole a student early in their “academic carrier” as it was termed. Parents didn’t like the idea of little Johnny being directed at such an early age to an assigned government identified job which is exactly where the “plan” was going . It actually sounded a bit oh I don’t know… COMMUNIST perhaps….so the program went underground until a more favorable environment emerged.

In the 1990’s it resurfaced with a bright shiny new paint job and a new name called Outcomes Based Education (OBE). Who could be against great outcomes for our students? Except the outcomes were no longer based on inculcation of knowledge but rather on behavior modification Ah-le B.F. Skinner. OBE sought to force acceptance of the predatory homosexual practice of shacking up with someone of the same gender and calling it normal. Or the collective philosophy of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” (Karl Marx) or the sexual desensitization of having 11th graders come into school and teach 5th graders how to put a condom on a banana. Thanks to the efforts of people like Thomas Sowell (you can still find his archived work on OBE) exposing the Outcomes the program was really generated to get, parents once again rose up and said NO.

But that was not the last of this beast, the outcry was so loud against OBE it too went underground and reemerged as Goals 2000. Like OBE it contained a component of dumbing down history so as to limit questions of liberty and capitalism and it over emphasized emoting, making everything about feeling and fairness, not in an American vision of fair play mind you, but a Marxist vision of taking from you by force, and giving to someone else.  It too was shouted down by some very vocal angry parents and grandparents.

It did not stay dead long before once again it reared its ugly head as “No Child Left Behind” the brain trust legislation of Ted Kennedy enshrined into law by the very Marvin Milquetoast President Bush. It too was a total disaster, even the teachers hated this one.

Each time this was forced underground, the grand bill was re written to make it sound more palatable, and renamed to make it more acceptable. Each time the statist have been able to move the ball down the field just a little more until now. Under the brazenness of this statist dreamed about administration, who appears hell-bent on destroying the last ounce of Liberty we maintain, education reform once again rears its ugly head to do the bidding of its masters


and this time its name is “Common Core”.