Barack Obama: our Neville Chamberlain?

Barack Obama: our Neville Chamberlain?

Arthur Neville Chamberlain was a member of the British conservative party but that is a bit of a misnomer.

It merged with the Unionist Party in 1912 and although it claims right of center politically it really all depends on who is at the controls.

Education wise Neville graduated with a degree in science and metallurgy and was apprenticed out to an accounting firm, he had been a solid B+ performer .

Barack Obama we are pretty sure graduated, we think surely he did, didn’t he? I mean doesn’t he have a degree in poly-sci and law? That’s what we have been told. We only really have his word for it, as he has never released his college transcripts.

Later Neville did work in small business although his initial foray failed, or rather his father’s foray. It is unclear whether he and his brother were partners or just employees. The business was growing sisal hemp in the Bahamas. It turned out to be an unsuitable environment and the business was shut down at a heavy loss in 1896.

Barack Obama, smoked hemp.

Neville had better luck back in England. He served as chairman of several manufacturing firms in Birmingham, including Elliots, a metal goods manufacturer, and Hoskins, a cabin berth manufacturer. He had a reputation for being a hands-on manager, he took a strong interest in the day-to-day running of affairs.

Barack Obama played golf.

In 1915 Neville had become Lord Mayor of Birmingham and in his first two months won approval to increase the electrical supply to his city.

Barack Obama, rejects the Keystone XL pipe Line.

Neville even organized the use of coal as part of the war effort.

Barack Obama has a war effort on the use of coal.

Neville had prevented a strike by council workers.

Barack Obama never meet a strike he didn’t like.

Neville appeased a tyrant in the hopes of preventing a war.

Barack Obama appeased terrorists in the middle of one.

Neville Chamberlain was an accomplished individual throughout his life, with many positive  accomplishments to the community in business and government with one exception.

Barack Obama has accomplished nothing not even having the one exception. Oh he may have been elected president but don’t confuse winning an Idol contest with actually doing something.

I conclude that anyone comparing Barack Obama to Neville Chamberlain, owes the estate of Lord Arthur Neville Chamberlain

an apology.

Scott Williams

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